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Baked Potatoes

Baked Potatoes
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At Marmaris Grill Dalkeith, we fry up only the freshest fish with the finest know-how. Our secret batter recipe makes for a unique flavour no other chippy in Dalkeith can match!

If you're in the mood for something traditionally British, our fish and chips are a must-try. Check out Marmaris Grill Fish Bar Menu to find all your Chip Shop specialities. From the tastiest fish that is lightly battered in the traditional style to Spicy Chicken Strips, we’ve got whatever you crave and even more delicious dishes! Just place your order on our App or Website and taste the savings with us.

But that's not all—we also provide a wide variety of other tasty fast food options, including succulent Doner and Adana Kebabs, king-size Pounder Burgers and gourmet Italian style Pizzas. Plus, you can order our homemade Mezes, such as creamy Hummus and deep fried Falafel goodies served alongside the main course, which are all very filling.

We're so excited to partner with Mealzo online food ordering platform that offers a £3 voucher on orders over £15! It's like getting a free meal just for ordering through the Mealzo Website! Order from the Mealzo and save big on food! 

Please feel free to call us at 0131 663 6777 and place an order over the phone.

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